Hurricane Katrina

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On August 29,2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast.It was a category 3 hurricane.I left people without home.It coast 100 billion in damages.Hurricane Katrina was one of the dead list in u.s. history.
The short and long term effects of hurricane Katrina are flooding, people were homeless,and people were injured.Foolding occurred because the levees broke.350,000 people were homeless and had to live in the superdome the New Orleans Saint play.An estimated 1,833 people died in the hurricane and flooding.
The National guard stepped in to those effected by Hurricane Katrina.The National guard helped people evacuated from their homes and took them to the superdome.They also removed debruis,distributed food and water,offered medical helped and help the police.
Hurricane Katrina killed people and caused lots of damages.People were homeless.People had to live in the superdome.The National guard by rebuilding and helping people.Hurrican Katrina harmed people and their communities.

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