Sleepy Hellow

Sleepy Hollow Part 2

It was a dark scary,gloomy day in Sleeepy Holly.Suzie,Katrina’s granddaughter, walk alone in the dark forest.Suzie is scared because she alone in the night time.She hear shores walk. She run deeper in the forest and it gets darker and darker.lucklly,She has a flash light.
Suzie run and trips over log,losing her flash light she lost.She gets up and runs into headless horseman ,ichabod crane.
Suzie says,”who are you??
“the headless horseman ask,”what are you doing in my forest?”
“I was on my way to my horse and took a short cut through the forest.I heard hores and ran.Now I’m lost.
Ichabod said” don’t come in my forest.You are my slave now!”
he took Suzie to his house.He thought she was pretty. So, the headless horesman fell in love with her.
Suzie work in his house all day and night.She is mad,scared,sad.She want to go home she cries herself to sleep every night.
One night, Brom’s bone ghost hear Suzie crying. He feel mad. He developes a plan to save Suzie from Ichabod house.
Brom’s plan is to get Ichabod outside of his house.when he’s outside,Brom will use powers word.This sword is buried on the ground to uncover the swor.
Brom goes to hores t Ichabod’s house.He hide in the bush and throws a rock at window.
Ichabod was watching movie with Suzie when he hear a sound.
“who’s are there” he says.He get up and walk outside.
Brom jump out of the bushes scares Ichabod. Brom then takes the powers word and stabs Ichabod in the heart,Ichabod turn in to dust and disappears forever.
Suzie hears all of the noises and run outside she sees Brom bone with the power sword in his hand
“don’t kill me”she cries.
Brom says” I’m not hear to kill you.I saved granddaughter!”
she run in to his arm and hug him.Brom is smiling and fell happy.
“I love you.This is good-bye.I”ll always be watching overyou.”He then disappears.